Grandfriends Day


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Today I am grateful for Grandfriends Day at Garnet Valley Elementary School.  They call it that because so many kids don’t live near their grandparents, but might have an aunt, uncle or neighbor who fills in.  I still prefer Grandparents Day.  I think in the course of their lives, I might have missed one grandparents day because I was working and could not take off.  Grandpa, aka/Himself has been to all of them for the local kids and most for the ones in Wisconsin.


Grandparents Day was my favorite event of the year at the school where I was once a secretary.  Just loved it.  I guess because I knew how important it was to the grands and also the kids.  We make the best of all possible audiences for our grandkids bragging over their projects and school. A lot of our students were here from different countries and did not have a grandparent or special friend to bring so I would be a surrogate for the day.  So would Himself if I felt a student really needed it.


Our grandson has not always been completely delighted on that particular day.  We were four until a few years ago and we were loud and funny and joked with him.  He hated reading, hated writing, everything was too hard and he was in a phase where he didn’t want to try anything new. . .and everything was new!  Learning is hard and he didn’t like it.  We didn’t help much, what with Himself and Wally answering the usual questions about their pasts and then going off on shaggy dog stories until one year we almost got kicked out because we were all laughing so hard.  What good are you if you can’t embarrass a grand kid now and then?


We are now down to three since we lost our precious Wally a few years back and it breaks all of our hearts to be at the second Grandparents Day without him.  We still sit off the trail because most kids only have one person visiting, but the grandson is now thrilled we are there.  Each year, when the picture is taken, there seems to be a gap where Wally would have been (this time between Donovan and Grandpa).  I like to think he knows how much we miss him and would photobomb us if he could.


This year there were no complaints about learning.  In fourth grade, Dono has mastered reading and loves it.  Whew.  He went on the I-pad and read us some of his work.  As full as my heart was when his sister talked about loving theater, that’s how I felt when he was reading his own writing.  That kid can write!  Well!  And he read his stuff back well, with just the right inflections and only a few reminders to not read too fast.  Another writer in the family?  Who knows?


Until about a year ago I thought we would attend our last Grandparents Day next year.  Then we were blessed with another granddaughter.  So just when we thought it would end, it will begin again.  And I am very grateful for that.

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