Friday, October 07, 2016

Today I am grateful for chatting.  I love to chat.  I chat all the time.  Just ask himself.  Especially if we are in a car and he doesn’t want the radio on because then he can’t hear me.  All that silence has to get filled with something.  Me.  Chatting.  But today was even too much for me.


Went to the pool and chatted amongst ourselves between exercises.


Got done with the shower stuff and chatted and talked stupid with the girls over tea.


Came home and chatted with Himself briefly before heading out again.


Went to lunch and chatted with a different set of “the girls” about everything I forgot to chat about with the first bunch.  So many words.  So little time.


Went to Walgreens for my flu shot and while waiting, chatted with a guy and a lady who couldn’t seem to track each other down in the same store.  I was ready to hold one hostage to expedite the situation.


Went to an early dinner with wonderful “golf” friends and chatted up a storm there, too.


Didn’t strangle the waiter, though he was a completely disorganized, clueless, long-suffering, whining (because they gave me five tables way over there and then I had you folks, too) and (so sorry “the computer” screwed up your bill three times,) train wreck.


Chatting is great.  Chatting is one of my best. . .and worst. . .and best things.  But tonight it was silent in the car after dinner.  Himself didn’t fill in the vacuum and neither did I.  Too much chatting for one day.  I’m out of words.


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