Not in the Mood


Thursday, October 06, 2016

Today I am grateful I am not in the mood to write the blog.  Spent 3 hours in a doctor’s office this afternoon.  Granted I got there about twenty minutes before my appointment, which was supposed to be at three. . .according to the phone call when they changed it and the text they sent me.  The very nice lady at the desk said, “You’re down for 3:30, but that’s okay.”  Which I now realize translates to. . . “Our schedule is so screwed up now, I’m not even sure if the 1:30 left, yet.”


I didn’t bitch. . .could have. . .but made the conscious choice not to.  They were struggling to get last minute testing for a man who was having a difficult time breathing.  That was me last January, so I just crocheted my brains out.  When I finally hit the exam room, I was soon rubber-stamped GREAT and don’t need to go back for six months.  I could have learned that in a drive by appointment.


So no blog today, except this, because I am not in the mood after hanging at a doctor’s office for three hours. . .which to me translates into one and a half dish cloths.  I ran out of yarn.

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