Train Trips


Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Today I am grateful for train trips.  I love a road trip, but since I usually do all the driving, by the time we get where we’re going I’m exhausted and a little cranky.  It takes longer to go by train, but it is probably my favorite way to travel.  And I don’t get cranky because I can walk around or go potty whenever I want to.  And there are snacks!


Before we moved east from the Midwest, we put our boys on a train and came out to visit my sister in New Jersey.  We wanted to take the sky car all the way, but they didn’t run past Chicago back then because all of the east coast tunnels and underpasses were too short.  It was still a lot of fun, especially horseshoe bend in the Poconos, where it looked like the caboose would end up in our laps.  The only bad part was when the boy scouts ate every doughnut on the train. . .okay, every morsel of food on the train, including the rubber window flashing, which they thought was licorice.  I’m exaggerating, but not much.


I remember taking a train to meet friends in Pittsburgh for the St. Paddy’s Day Parade one year.  Lately someone is posting about a day-trip train that travels through the hills of Pennsylvania.  We did something like that once in Canada and it was pretty dull.  Then we did it in Arizona on our way to the Grand Canyon. . .with “staged” armed bandits and banjo players.  It was hokey, but a lot of fun.


When we lived in Jakarta we took a train to Bandung with friends for our first Christmas.  It was the only time I agreed we had to go 1st class.  No way was I sharing a seat with chickens and goats.  Literally!


I’m glad Philly honors riding the rails with a gigantic mural at the Jefferson Station.  Be sure to click on it and get some perspective by looking at the escalator in the bottom right corner.  I wish our rail system was more far reaching and affordable like it is in Europe.  I could use a train trip right about now.


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