People Who Make it Happen


Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Today I am grateful for people who make it happen.  I have a lot of good intentions. . .and you know what they say about good intentions!  I try to make it happen for me and others.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not so much.  But I have an old high school friend who NAILED it!  This guy is amazing!


It’s funny how you lose touch with people you spent twelve years of your life with as a kid, when you swore at the yearbook signing event that you would stay friends “forever”.  That was before BFF was even a passing thought.  But then you marry, have kids, divorce, marry again, get step-kids, move away. . .and before you know it you hear a name from the past and can’t quite summon up the face without googling your old yearbook.


Enter Facebook.  That wonderful, annoying, all-consuming, mega-source of communication.  Technology has put a new spin on staying in touch.  I’m sure, as I would hear when I contacted people about a class reunion, there are many of you out there who would say, “Hey, I didn’t have much to do with those people back then, why should I now?”  That’s why you have me.  I’m gonna tell you why.


A man I knew well back in the day, found out that another classmate, a girl/woman I knew well back then, had a medical procedure than landed her not only in a wheelchair as a result, but also in a nursing home.  With old people.  And we are still young.  Very young, by our standards, no matter what you might think.


This amazing man learned that she was very unhappy, lonely and probably even depressed.  Who wouldn’t be?   This woman always had the best, most wicked sense of humor of anyone I knew.  Oh, yes, we got into some mischief back in the day, along with her twin brothers.


Wondering if there was some of that funny, wicked girl left inside her someplace, he started to visit her every other Sunday.  They got to talking about other classmates.  He began a quest to find them.  Now, virtually every Sunday, someone from our class is visiting with her.  It started out with people she knew well back then and it’s continuing with people she is getting to know well, now!  And that’s why you should go to your reunion.  You might be missing a golden opportunity to meet up with someone from your past who will become part of your future.  Everything old is new again!


A few weeks ago a bunch of them decided on an off-nursing-home excursion.  Cars weren’t possible because of the wheelchair so they brought in lunch, then pushed her and the chair up the hill a few blocks to the movies.  When it was over they rolled her back down.  Insane.  Hysterical.  Perfect.  I can only imagine how many one-liners and Depends were involved.  And libation.  Lots of libation!


Laughter heals.  Love heals.  All of the people who visit regularly or even once and awhile, help heal.  My high school friend wanted to end the boredom of the nursing home life for her and he didn’t rest until he made it happen.  Now the “wicked” girl is returning and she has a whole bunch of people making it happen.  For her.  And for them.  Because it’s so much fun!


I love them all and am grateful beyond words.   I bet you have a guy who makes it happen like this in your life, too.  Or a gal.  Or maybe. . . just maybe. . . it’s you!

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