First Draft of “Yanking the Spanx”


Monday, October 03, 2016

Today I am grateful I finished the first draft of my new play, “Yanking the Spanx”.  At this point it comes in at about 60 pages, which means it’s a one-act, but who knows.  Usually you figure a page turns into a minute on stage, more or less.  To be full length it would have to be at least 90 minutes.  I don’t want to force it to be something it isn’t.


What a blast I’ve had writing this thing.  Now that I believe I have every scene in place, (Remember after Himself read it we decided I needed another scene.) the real work will begin.  Editing!  Yuk!


Then I’ll print a hard copy and go through it again for consistency, flow, redundancies, double-checking that the voices are unique, and clean up any typos.  By then I will need to hear it read out loud by someone other than me.  I already have three fabulous actresses lined up for the roles and can hardly wait to hear them go at it.


And of course, I will have to give it to others to read and ask them and the actresses for their comments.   Critique!  That’s the tough part.  I’ll just have to suck it up, shut up, and listen up.  Not really my strongest skills.  But you can’t ask peoples opinion and then shout them down.  You have to thank them, then take everything everyone has said away with you and sit with it.  Only after you have done that can you either make the changes they suggested or defend your choice and leave it as written.  If I tell them I expect their honesty. . .then that’s what I expect.  I only hope I don’t weep when they give it.  Hahaha!  But more a nervous hahaha, than a belly laugh or chortle.


I cracked up when I found this cartoon on line.  It is actually pretty close to one of the scenes I’ve written.  So much fun!  Love my writer’s life!


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5 Responses to First Draft of “Yanking the Spanx”

  1. Jacki Hunsberger says:

    Way to go, Mary! I hope I’m one of the privleged!;)

  2. Marie A. Bishop says:

    that’s good news – can’t wait for the “real thing”…… mab

  3. gapwriter2014 says:

    Mary, I have complete faith in your play. I can see the actresses loving reading it and having a ton of positive feedback. Since I’ve spent most of my life in the theatre as a actor, director, playwright, acting coach, and theatre arts teacher, I always trust my actors. There’s nothing more helpful and exciting than having actors read my play aloud for the first time. One of the biggest helps for me was to listen and hear for myself what lines weren’t working. The actors didn’t even have to tell me or critique it because I could hear it during the reading. I’m sure you’ve done this before, but just in case you haven’t, be sure to record the reading. You can use the recording to gather more information on timing and rewording. I’m very excited for you. Congratulations!

  4. marymooney says:

    Thank you for your comments. I agree that usually you don’t need critique because you hear it in the reading. That is so true! It would be fun if you could come to it if it is ever produced.

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