Saturday, October 1, 2016

Today I am grateful for Wawa.  When we placed second last night at trivia, the team who placed first was given the choice of a bottle of wine for each or Wawa gift cards.  They chose wine, so we got the gift cards.  Yea!


For those of you not on the east coast, Wawa is probably the best gas/mini market/deli you could ever experience.    They have a training program for their staff that is so comprehensive that I have never, not ever, not once bumped into a clerk or deli worker who was anything less than friendly and helpful.  They go the extra mile and a half every time!


The really cool thing is that their kindness and service rubs off on us. . .the people who grace their establishment.  If someone else is coming in or going out, you never open a door.  They hold it for you.  The guy sweeping up in the lot sings and offers to help you in any way possible.  Huge articles have been written about the people who work at and the people who visit Wawa.  In one, the store manager knew every one of her quick in-and-out customers by name.  By name!  All of them.  And you’re in there probably a total of 4 minutes on a busy day.


We popped in a Wawa down south.  Same thing.  Up north on our way to Wisconsin.  Same thing.  New Jersey?  Same thing.  Souderton on free coffee day.  Same.  Locally, right down the street.  Same service.


You want to find nice people?  Go to a Wawa!  I’ll be there with my gift card buying them out of pumpkin spice lattes!  Yuuuummmmmmyyyyyy!  I’ll hold the door for you.


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One Response to Wawa

  1. stonecottage68@verizon.net says:

    Great posting on WaWa, Mary. I totally agree with you about what a great company it is and what fine people they have working for them. And yes, it does rub off on the customers. BUT….they have stopped making and selling their caramel coffee. Boy, do I miss that flavor. They bring out a chocolate caramel coffee for the holidays, but it is just not the same. Thanks for your great writings. Pat

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