Renewed Passports


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Today I am grateful we renewed our passports.  No, we didn’t win the lottery.  Yet.  Planning on it, though.  The thing is, you never quite know when a trip might present itself.  We want to be prepared.


During our summer vacation at the cabin there was chatter amongst the males about a possible fishing trip to Canada.  When we got home I suggested we check the expiration date of the passport of Himself.  Expired.  “We better get that thing renewed because you will need it if you travel to Canada,” I said.  His eyes lit up.  I had to tell him honestly that there are no surprises in the wings for him to do just that, but he should have a valid passport anyway.


A renewed passport costs $110.  I completed all of the necessary forms on line and printed them out.  The picture used to cost $4 and now it’s up to $16.  That’s what digital technology gives you.  Or takes.  I’d take a polaroid any day!  Is that progress or a rip off?


We got him all hooked up with the passport form, pictures, a check in the correct amount and sent it off registered, as suggested, so it could be tracked if necessary.  We both bemoaned those days twenty years ago, when we traveled so much that we had to have extra pages pasted in our books at the American Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. . .so little time, so many places.


Then he asked if I knew where my passport was.  How sad is that?  We haven’t used them in so long I had to think for a minute.  Okay.  A half a minute.  I knew right where it was.  I didn’t know it was also expired.  The last time I used it was when my sister and I took our mom to Vienna for her 80th birthday.  She turns 90 next month.  Swell.


The budget didn’t allow a quick send so the next month we packed mine off.  They have both come back.  Now we’re ready.  We have no clue what were ready for or where were ready to go, but we’re ready, with passports in hand.  Just in case.


You might want to check yours.  You can’t go to Canada or Mexico without a passport anymore, like you used to be able to.  And with the presidential election coming up. . .just saying. . .it never hurts to be prepared!  Kingston, Ontario is a lovely city.


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