Peaceful Places


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Today I am grateful for peaceful places.  We had a fantastic day today, driving to Morrisville, PA to see a wonderful play at our friends theater, Actors Net of Bucks County.  (More on that tomorrow)


Because we never know how bad traffic will be, we always allow a lot of time to get there, often two hours.  We got there in 50 minutes so to kill some time we drove along the Delaware again, this time much farther south than where we fished the other day and where this picture was taken.


We found a parking area, got out of the car and walked around a little, checking out the kayakers, the low level on the river and those fishing.  No one was catching anything and rocks are showing on the surface of the water a lot farther from shore than I would have expected.


As we sat in the blissfully cool breeze off the river, sunning ourselves on a large flat rock, a kayaker tore across the river.  When he got to our side he asked a man nearby for help pulling him up.  The current was so strong that he had made several attempts to bank the thing, but failed.  He chatted with us later.  Great conversation.  What is it about being near water that is so incredibly peaceful?  And what is it that makes people who are near water so friendly?


I’m sure I don’t know.  I’m just happy that the water makes me peaceful and so does good conversation. . .even if it’s with a stranger.  I needed both today and so did Himself.

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