Mickey Mouse – Guest Columnist


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Today I am grateful. . .again. . .for my guest columnist, my mom, June Jens.  Posting her stories is either creating a monster, or giving her purpose.  I hope it’s the later.  I always promise not to edit her pieces, but for clarification sake, you should know that when she was a kid, my mom’s father owned a string of movie theaters.  Back in the day, before TV, when entertainment was not on every phone, that made knowing her a hot ticket. The picture is from my nieces shower.  Oh the ways we’ve tortured that poor old woman!  And she loves it!


From June:

Ok – Listen up – and pay attention – the old broad is back!


Recently I had an interesting chat with my grandson-in-law.  He told me that Mickey Mouse was born in 1931.  I did not know that.  Well, he was “born” in 1931 and his erstwhile father was Walt Disney.


He was – and remains a great little money maker.  Indeed he helped the movie industry pull through the depression.  Mickey has been with us for what seems like an eternity.  Think about it, what other celebrity – real or imagined has endured like he has.


When I was you, it was my job to chase the mice out of the orchestra pit with a broom.   Hm – do you think one of them was Mickey?  Maybe making a new cartoon?  Well, maybe.


During the 30’s my father took a trip to California and visited the movie industry.  He received a picture of Mickey Mouse sitting at the piano – with Minnie on top.  It is a personally autographed picture by Walt Disney.  I know it’s not a copy – because Walt Disney misspelled our last name.  Do you have any idea how much that picture is worth??


Mickey is part of your heritage as a &S citizen!  Maybe I’ll contact that grumpy cat, Garfield.  He could invite Mickey over for a lunch of lasagna and maybe a chunk of cheese.


Whoops!  Maybe that’s not the best idea.

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