Good Engineering

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today I am grateful for good engineering.  Hang on.  I’ll get to the point.  After the exhausting exercise class at the Y this morning, and the unusually  ridiculous and hilarious coffee/tea conversation, and rushing home to have lunch so I could get to my haircut appointment by 12:30, then rushing home to give Himself a haircut, then getting in the shower because I hate that itchy haircut feeling, and then prepping the veggies and meat for dinner later. . .I sat down to see if more of the new play would regurgitate from me.  It did.  For hours.  I have another full scene.  Snoopy happy dance here!


You blog lovers are getting a bit of a short shrift again today and while I’d like to apologize for that, I can’t, because I’m having so damned much fun writing the play. It’s like being six years old in the sandbox and all of the toys are mine and all of my friends know it!  And I can’t wait to share.  But not yet.


But I do love posting on the blog and I’ve especially loved sharing our one great day at the Kimmel Center in Philly.  These are the last of the pics from the center and probably the single detail that amazed me the most.  Each seat has its own heating and/or air conditioning system.  Seriously.  I was so impressed by this that I can’t wait to get back in October and feel how it works.  I’ll probably sweat to death.  Or freeze.


Maybe they should have individual thermostats, too.  HAHAHAHA!  Can you imagine what chaos that would be?  “Your chair is blowing cold!”  “No, your chair is too hot!”  Turn it up, turn it down. . .just like home.  Don’t you just love good engineering?

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2 Responses to Good Engineering

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    all 5 blogs and pics (note above) were great!! YES – Philly people are NICE people and love to talk about all the good things both indoors and out…..Glad you share all the good things in life (and the ridiculous) that bring joy to lots of people…..THANX!!! mab

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