Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Today I am grateful for beauty.  Wow!  Big one.  Beauty is so subjective and the term can be used for many different things. . .and people.  But for my purposes, it’s the beauty of design in the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.


We started to take a backstage tour, but quit after about 10 minutes because the crowd was huge and the tour guide so timid that we could not hear one word.  One of my favorite pictures was too blurry to use.  It was of a bunch of formal shoes balancing on a high pipe.  Why?  No clue, but it was cool.


After seeing the amazing performance space with the huge organ pipes, we took a load off in a great sitting area near where we ended the tour.  As I was swallowed by the huge couch a man came along and explained the large painting on the wall behind me.  He told me that the Philadelphia orchestra used to be so large that there were musicians seated in the wings during a performance.


He loved explaining the painting and was a true fan of the arts, yet not at all connected to the center.  I love moments like that, when a total stranger just wants to share their passion.  That’s the cool thing about beauty.  You can start out writing about design and end by writing about a person and both are equally beautiful.


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