Carrying Memories

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Today a friend re-posted the below piece on Facebook.  I don’t have total recall of things I’ve written, but when I read this I felt it as strongly as I must have when I originally wrote it.  The only thing I would change is the “fourteen” to “fifteen”.  Each year I feel the same way.

This is a day I almost cannot bear. . .and I wonder if kindness and gratitude will ever make a real difference, or will they evaporate into the wind as we watch the latest “reality” show or zero in on the next political sound byte?  I sure hope not.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Today I am grateful for carrying memories.  For the last fourteen years I have hated this date.  I feel sorry for those who share this date with another event like a birthday or anniversary.  That our anniversary was the day before sticks in my craw and probably always will.  I feel robbed, violated and abused by the calendar.


Pundits spend days before “reminding” us of this date.  Really?  Who needs to be reminded?  Ask anyone who was alive and old enough to remember and they don’t need a reminder.  Sometimes I feel abused by reminders.


I didn’t know anyone who was lost in the World Trade Center on this date fourteen years ago.  But I know every one of them.  I didn’t know any first responders.  But I know every one of them.  I didn’t know anyone in the pentagon who was sitting at their desk reviewing the day ahead, waiting for a plane full of innocents to smash the world of their families to pieces.  But I know every one of them.  I didn’t know anyone on the plane full of heroes who made a selfless decision that affects me to this day.  But I know every one of them.


I carry them with me in my heart along with the children from Columbine and Sandy Hook.  I carry them along with the victims of too many heinous crimes against humanity to list, not just in our country, but across the world.  I carry them along with a deep and abiding sadness that we humans have learned a million ways to harm, distrust, hate and destroy each other but can’t seem to come up with a sincere way to accept, cherish, and honor each other.


I don’t need to watch specials, or hear names read.  I already carry the memories.

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One Response to Carrying Memories

  1. Sue says:

    I feel like this too. I told my husband that I don’t want to watch any newscast showing the scenes again. Everyone I know remembers the exact place they were when the first plane hit. No we don’t need to be reminded. We will remember forever.

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