34 Years


Friday, September 09, 2016

Today I am grateful for 34 years of marriage.  There will be no blog post tomorrow. Himself and I are taking off on the train as seniors for a buck each, early in the morning and going to the Open House at the Kimmel Center in Philly.

There will be orchestra, ballet and  small group performances, plus tours and discussions about the theater community and stuff for kids and artists and I can’t wait.  It pisses me off that it will be 97 degrees tomorrow with a heat index of 104, but hey, I can’t change the weather.  Won’t be walking around the city though.  Not in that kind of heat, but I’m still calling it our “anniversary on the cheap”!

It’s okay.  We’ve had the fancy dinners and great trips, but some of our most special moments have been when we didn’t drop big bucks.  I remember a long time ago, sitting on a bench overlooking the Delaware River, sharing a loaf of crusty French bread, a hunk of sharp cheddar cheese and a bottle of wine in plastic cups.

Once we surprised my dad by showing up for his retirement party in Wisconsin and I vividly remember sitting on the side street, waiting for my parents to drive past so we could follow them to the event and surprise them both.  “The perpetrators are leaving the building!”  Himself said.  “Now the perps are turning the corner.”  Sounds stupid now, but we laughed ourselves silly.  We laugh a lot.  And often.  It helps.

Then there are the times we’ve stepped in for each other and represented.  He was in Jakarta while I attended his brothers funeral.  I was in the hospital with double knee surgery when he went to my “second” dad’s funeral in Syracuse.   We both wanted to be at both places, but were content to know the other was there.

Content.  Oh how I hated that word when I was young and rowdy.  Yes.  Surprise, surprise, I was once young and rowdy.  Contentment to me then sounded like a curse word.  Now it’s my favorite word in the English language.

For example. . .It’s hot out tonight and I hate it, yet he wanted me to go to the football game at the high school because they are playing the school our boys went to.  Um, no thanks.  I’m exhausted and doing laundry and it’s too blasted hot and humid.  “You go,” I said to him.  So he did.

He’s content.  I’m content.  After 34 years it doesn’t get much better than that.  Even if you’re celebrating on the cheap!


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2 Responses to 34 Years

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Hope you enjoyed your A-Day in Philly. Congratulations on “34”….. mab

  2. Dawn Byrne says:

    My husband and I celebrated our 34th too, in August. Congratulations.

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