Powerful Visual Statements

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Today I am grateful for powerful visual statements.  I did not write yesterday because not only did the day get away from me because I wanted to get to the outdoor pool on the last day, but also because my son came with the baby and stayed overnight so we could babysit today.  It’s not even 9 a.m. and I am already exhausted.  She sleeps!  So I can write.  Yeah!


Back to powerful visual statements.  I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch the other day and ran into two separate closed roads.  Geeze.  Oh well, I’ll just go this way and turn left at the next corner.  Except it was three miles away. . .and a main road. . .which was what I was trying to avoid.  Swell.


I sat in putt-putting along traffic for fifteen minutes, getting more frustrated by the minute.  Usually when I’m in a situation like this I find something new to look at, like a house I’ve never noticed; or someone’s spectacular garden; or a stone wall.  You get the idea.  I’m easily amused.


This day, stopped again, closer to where I wanted to turn, I looked to my left and was floored.  There on the side of the road were dozens of white T-shirts on cross-stakes, pounded into the ground.  On the shirts were the names and dates of those who have died as a result of guns in Montgomery County.


And me without my camera.  That visual popped into my head throughout lunch, so I called Himself from the road and asked him to meet me in the driveway with the camera.


We went back.  I didn’t tell him where we were going.  When I pulled over and he saw the display, his reaction was the same as mine.  I took pictures with reverence and sadness, like I was back at Pearl Harbor, or the World Trade Memorial, or Gettysburg.


Maybe these victims were not heroes, but they were still people whose lives were cut down violently and too soon.   By guns.  Someone felt strongly enough about their loss to create a powerful visual statement so we don’t forget.  I’m glad.  And I won’t.

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