Crossword Clues

a cat with a crown

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Today I am grateful for crossword clues.  I do the crossword puzzle in my newspaper every single day.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how brilliant I am, other days I can’t believe I’m so dense. It just depends.


The clue the other day was “Crown Fixer”.  I took umbrage.  Who has been wearing my crown?  How did they even find it hidden behind the furnace?  Why did they take it?  What did they do with it?  And how did they break it?  Where am I going to get it fixed?  How can I function without my crown?  Clearly I can’t.


My brain prattled on like one of those marble games where you start at the top and it jingles itself down through all kinds of mechanisms and twists and turns until it lands at the bottom.  Winner!   But I never landed.  Just got stuck and could not pull my mind off my “crown”. . .the one I think I SHOULD have, not that I actually do have, though I guess you’ll never know for sure.  And who broke it?


“Crown Fixer” = dentist!  How boring is that?  I like my version better!  Stupid crossword clues.

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One Response to Crossword Clues

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Hay, the cat LOVED the picture! The cat said “you got my good side”!!! mab

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