Bakers on Broad

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Today I am grateful for Baker’s on Broad, a fantastic bakery in Souderton, PA.  They are getting to know me well at this place because every time I went to the pool in that community I would stop in their shop and buy Himself a baguette.  He devours them in one day.  Loves them.

But it’s a bakery.  The echoes of its cry, “purchase me; buy me; eat me; glom onto me; butter me; eat me in the car. . .no one will know, or should I just jump onto your hips right now and eliminate the chewing part?”  ring in my ears from ten miles away.  I wake up at night hearing the “voices”.

The first time I bought Himself a baguette, I brought my purse in with me.  And bought a whole-grain-beer-cheddar roll that was to die for.  All the way home.  But it didn’t quite see my house.  Oh shut up!  It was beer and cheddar. . .my roots!  The whole grain was just plain healthy.  So there!

The second time I went, I only took my wallet in, which was ridiculous because that’s where the money is anyway.  Bought the baguette and stuck it in the corner of the passenger seat so my wet towel wouldn’t destroy it.  I laid it on the kitchen table so Himself would see  it first thing and be surprised.

Him:  Hey, you got me a baguette.  How sweet.

Me:  Yeah, I know you like them and I was right there.

Him:  What happened to the end of it?

Me:  It was the strangest thing.  I had the window open on the way home and while I was at a stop sign a squirrel leaped out of nowhere and bit off the end of that bread!  I had to even it out a little because I know you’re fussy about stuff like that and I wanted to be sure all of the squirrel drool was off of it.

He said nothing while buttering a whack of that crusty piece-o-heaven.  It’s difficult to talk with 40 pounds of crunchy wonderful bouncing in your choppers.

Eventually all I took into the shop was $2.25, the actual cost of the baguette.  No more, no less.  That way even if I was tempted, I knew I would recover by the time I went back to the car for more money.  God bless that “Baker’s on Broad” and  damn them, too!

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One Response to Bakers on Broad

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Himself must LOVE your attention – bread?!?!?! You got it made!!! mab

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