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Great grandma in Kentucky Fried

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Today I am grateful for my guest columnist, my mom, June Jens, who is almost (don’t push) 90 years old!  Yes, she sent me another one and no, I won’t “tweak” it.

From June. . .


Puff and Puff and Puff, by June Jens

The Wisconsin State Fair recently ended.  You just can’t miss the state fair.  Where else do you see so many cute cows?


We always took our kids to the state fair— if for no other reason to visit the dairy complex where all the dairy products were featured.


But the main attraction was the section where they made and served — THE CREAM PUFFS!  They make the puffs on sight and serve them with real cream.  You have never tasted anything as good as a cream puff.  Only real cream used—none of that stuff that’s supposed to be real cream.  You just would not use anything that was imitation.  After all, what are cows for???  I seem to remember the last time we ate one it cost us $2.50.  Worth every crumb!


Another thing that’s a big feature is cheese.  After all, the bossies have to be kept busy.


There is a small cheese factory in a small unincorporated village called, Gibbsville.  The best cheese is made by the small cheese factories.  I’m not sure of the location —- kind of in the eastern part of Wisconsin.  (Look on the computer)  They make the best cheddar cheese in the world.


So if you get to Wisconsin try the cream puffs!  I promise to take all the calories out.  In your dreams!



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