Mine for Gold

Me and Sony -1998

Monday, August 22, 2016

Today I am grateful to mine for gold, except gold wasn’t what I was after.  I was looking for a file I thought I had lost and in the process stumbled across a million things (poetry, stories, anecdotes, plays) I didn’t remember I had.   Apparently there is gold in my computer archives.  And with the gold are ghosts floating all around me.


I found the original file I was looking for a few days ago and also a terrific outline for some writing I wanted to complete.  But now I can’t find that outline.  I have no idea what the file was named or if it was in Mary’s Old Computer (1,2,3 or 4), Mary’s Briefcase, Mary’s Stuff, Mary’s Writing, Mary’s Thoughts (which was empty), or Mary’s Idiot Filing System!   It’s making me crazy.  I do crazy like no other person I know.  And, of course, I wrote down the file name, but now can’t find the paper on which I wrote it.


But in the process of digging through the dregs of my hard drive, I found tidbits of gold.

Back in the day, when I was first staring to write, I belonged to the North Penn Writer’s Group.  They have sadly disbanded, but I still hold precious the friendships I made and the encouragement I received through that group, some of whom are now gone.  Permanently.


Because we were all new to computers, we got into the habit of saving our writing on our each other’s computer.  I have found writing I didn’t know existed.  Brilliant writing.  The witty, rhyming poetry of long deceased Sonia Fries, who coined the phrase (which I have stolen from her). . .“organ recital” when talking about her physical ailments.  There were poems, stories, letters, plays and what-have-you from my friend and frequent writing partner, David Page.


And then this gem, a poem that sent me into throes of tears, written by my dear friend, Sondra Sykes, who died of Alzheimer’s over ten years ago.  What’s really funny is that I was just talking about her to a friend yesterday.  Sony was a great teacher and I believe she wrote this at the end of a school year, but boy does it speak to those of you packing kids off to college, too.


Also today, the question was asked, “Who gives you positive energy?”  Because there are so many people who feed my life, I couldn’t narrow down the list.  Until now.  Sony does.  Even from the grave.   Remember the old Girl Scout song?  “Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.”  Here is GOLD, from Sony.  I still miss her.



By S.C. Sykes

© 1978

It’s hard to say goodbye

But if I do not let you go

You will never leave the earth

To fly free of me

Soaring and dipping

To the music of the universe.


If I cannot free you to the wind

No one else will hear your song.

Be my seeds

As I was seed

Grow your garden in the world

And rainbow eternity.

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