a ben & owen fish

Friday, August 19, 2016

Today I am grateful for fishing.  Notice it’s not called “catching”.  I had to steal this picture of one of my special buddies who was also there during our wonderful time at the little cabin in Northern Wisconsin.


Owen and his parents have rented the same cabin we had. . .except this time the fishing is pretty good.  I’m happy to know there really are fish in that lake, but Himself is having a bird.  “I’m a jinx!” he said, when I told him about all of the fish they are catching.  Imagine that.  A brilliant man really thinks that bad ju-ju has anything at all to do with it.


I bet it was a pretty big thrill when this jammie-shark-wearing, animal loving, great kid caught a fish of this size.  Even Himself would rather it be Owen’s than his own.  Almost.  If he had been with him he’d be taking that lure off, putting it on his own rod and giving Owen a “better” one!  Wrong?  Yup.  But also true.  There is no shame in catching. . . only in fishing!


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