a hummingbird

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today I am grateful for hummingbirds.  I must have had a gazillion hummingbird feeders in my lifetime and the only thing that they attracted was bees.  Somehow they’re not the same with bees.


I’ve read what flowers to plant, what climates they like, what their relatives make for Thanksgiving and how many puppies they produce.  I’ve planted and watered and sown and filled and cleaned and waited and waited and waited.  None!  Until now.


Apparently the word is out.  The goldfinches must have passed it on to the hummingbirds that the Mooney’s have some pretty tasty zinnias this year.  A veritable buffet of nectar.  So today, Himself and I stood right there in our kitchen window, watching them for twenty minutes,  like Audubon researching a new book.


Get a life?  Don’t have to.  Got one.  And it’s pretty damned awesome!  I have hummingbirds to prove it.

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One Response to Hummingbirds

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    I am sooooo jealous. We hardly ever see hummingbirds. But I have on my calendar for this week to start looking for hummingbirds. So they must be stopping for the long journey south. Have fun while they last and plant zinnias again next year.

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


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