Animal Adopters

a cat trio

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Today I am grateful for animal adopters.  Because we are very happy pet-sitters, everyone is trying to get us to adopt a pet.  I repeat for the millionth time, although we love animals, we cannot afford a pet.  It’s not just getting one, it’s the vet bills for spaying/neutering/ongoing issues, food, litter, boarding if we have to go away, etc.  It’s just not in our budget.  That’s why we pet sit.  It scratches the itch.


But just because I can’t get a pet right now, doesn’t mean I can’t encourage others to do so.  I learned that a friend from Weight Watchers was looking for a cat.  I have a Facebook friend who works with a cat rescue agency.  BINGO!  I put the two together and now Diane has confirmed to adopt not one, not two, but three fur babies, all of a certain age and not kittens!!!!   I love being the conduit in happy occasions like this.


And I think we should have a cat/baby shower for her.  Hey, I’ve held stranger baby showers!  When I was a hairdresser there was always a bridal or baby shower going on.  One of our co-workers came to all of them, but wasn’t married and had no prospects, so there was never a shower for her.  Until she bred her horse.  We had a horse shower.  Yes, you heard correctly.  My craziness goes waaaayyyy back.  Get this.


It was at a restaurant in Kohler, Wisconsin called the “Horse ‘n Plow”.  We brought in bales of hay and buckets of oats.  I crocheted a horsey bonnet with ear holes and another friend knitted booties.  Four.  Someplace in the archives of my life there is a picture of the newborn wearing all of the above.


My friend, Diane, is in a similar position.  She has never been the recipient of a shower.  So I say we have one for her as she brings three adopted babies into her generous life!  Weight Watchers folks who follow me can message me on FB, call me or send me an email.  I encourage those of you who know Diane from someplace else to hop on board and play, too!


She knows that Sandra, the one who put her onto the cat place and I are doing this, which is why she posted about the adoption the other day.  I’m counting on Sandra to give us a list of the types of things she will need, but after grand-cat sitting, I can say that clumping litter is at the top of my list!  And a pooper-scooper.  Or three!


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