holding alina up to see Ruby

Monday, August 8, 2016

Today I am grateful for daddies.  Daddies are way different than mommies, other than in the obvious ways.  I love watching my sons be daddies and they do it well.


Mom’s worry about falling; and someone getting overly excited before bed; and emergency rooms; and broken bones.  Daddies might think about those things, too, but their need to rough-house usually puts those thoughts to the back burner.  And kids love it!


When each of my grandkids was little, it was their daddies who showed them how to be daring.  While the moms, me included, watched on with trepidation and a little bit of fear, the kids would belly laugh with glee as they were tossed around like Nerf balls by their daddies.


Is there any better picture in the world than an airborne child, flying high above his father’s outstretched arms?  Not for me there isn’t.  It never occurs to either one that the end result will be anything but completely awesome.


Our Alina is a bit young to be tossed, but I know my son is itching to start.  She got a little taste of what’s to come when he held her up to see her kitty, Ruby, sitting on her “mountain” perch.


Kids need to fly.  Daddies make it happen.

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