Different Cultures

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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Today I am grateful for different cultures.  There is a term that blasts through social media occasionally, “Only in ‘merica.”  Usually it’s someone doing an idiot thing, sometimes funny, but not always.


Watching the Parade of Nations during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics I thought about that term a lot.  Without the flag and the uniforms, you might wonder which country is being represented.  Everyone is unique.  That’s what different cultures brings you.  A young woman in a hijab is even competing, though I’m not sure in which field.


I don’t want walls surrounding my country. I don’t want illegals sucking the system dry, either, but there has to be a better way of monitoring it than walls.  I want to go to the store and see people from different cultures working there.  I want to be at a Wawa and hear foreign tongues discussing how to order a hoagie on the  self-serve screen.


I want to be reading a book in a park while Himself is fishing and witness the laughter of women dressed in Skittles-colored sari’s popping out of the woods after a family hike.  Our nation would not be as great as it is without the different cultures.  And that’s my idea of a great ‘merica.  What’s yours?

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One Response to Different Cultures

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Many people are on that SAME PAGE!!!

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