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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Today I am grateful for another guest columnist, my mom, June Jens.  As I kid the only thing I remember my mom writing were letters, yet when she moved to Arizona after my dad died, she had a column in her mobile parks monthly newsletter.


When speaking with her the last time I was there she said how much she missed writing.  “My vision is so bad, I can’t use a keyboard, I have no energy. . .but I still have a lot to say!” she said.  So invited her to write something for my blog, assuring her I would type it up.  “Hah!  You think I won’t!” was her response.  I knew she would.  The note she attached said, “. . .and don’t change a word!  No editing!”  Writers!

My mom’s words. . .


Hi everybody-this is your guest contributor, June Jens – mother of Mary Mooney.


I thought you might enjoy a bit of nostalgia from and almost 90 year-old-broad—don’t push—I said almost 90.


I’ve lived a long time and have seen many changes – so today I will share one with you.




You think they’ve been here forever, don’t you?  Wrong!  The first nylons came out in 1940.


One day my father came home and gave my sister and I a pair of nylons.  He said it was something new.  I’ve often wondered where he got them – but would not dare ask!


Before that our stockings were made out of cotton and rayon and every one had a seam going up the back of your leg.  You had better keep that seam straight or you were a slob.  They were held up by girdles or round plastic garters.


But ah—it took a while and then they came out with pantyhose – no garters needed – what a blessing!  So the next time you put your nylons on don’t grumble.  They are one of the greatest inventions ever.


Many things were made out of nylon – one of its qualities is it’s very strong.  Ever try and tear a nylon apart?


Till next time – this is the Old Broad from Madison, WI wishing you well.


Thanks, mom.

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3 Responses to Guest Columnist – My Mom

  1. gapwriter2014 says:

    I see where you got your humor, Mary! Great blog, June Jens!

  2. Marie A. Bishop says:

    There is a real sense of fun in her writings!!! Something about the SOMETHING that does not fall far from the tree!?!?!?!?…

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