Goin’ Fishin’

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Today I am grateful for Goin’ Fishin!  After our morning fitness routines, then lunch, we decided to bag everything else and go fishing.  Some of us fish with a hook, others a book.


After a few adjustments to find a decent spot on Lake Nockamixon, where they weren’t paving a road, or the bloom wasn’t beyond asthmatic, we settled in to fish/read.  After about an hour, Himself declared that he wouldn’t catch anything where we were.  Off we went. . .to the elusive spot where all the fish bite. . .a spot familiar to every fisherman in the universe.  A Xanadu that doesn’t exist, though we did find another area to throw in a line.


“I won’t be too long,” Himself says, as he pads off with his little fishing vest, rod and three-buck tin of night crawlers.

“I’ll be parked over there in the shade, reading,” I say.  “Take your time.”


Three chapters later I see him heading up the path.  I pull over to collect him and the subsequent stories.  “Didja catch anything?” I ask, hoping for a different answer than the ones I’ve been getting.


“I caught a world record bass,” he said, with a grin.

“Really?”  I was encouraged.  Finally!  A fish he can brag about! “How big was it?”

“Two inches.”  He held out his fingers.  “Smallest bass I’ve ever seen.  The worm was bigger!”


That’s the thing about fishing with a book instead of a hook.  It never disappoints, no matter how big, or small it is.

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