Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Today I am grateful for zinnias.  I have planted any number of plants in my only real planting area, which gets full sun all day long and has more rock than dirt in it.


Nothing thrives.  The begonia clusters I did last year looked great until it got hot and then you could have crumbled them and made begonia tea.  The petunias looked okay at first but I got the kind you have to dead head every day and I didn’t, so they got boring fast.  Marigolds like the sun, but the rabbits liked them as much.  Yum!


We bought a couple of flats of zinnias this year.  They’ve done pretty well in the past and since we were leaving in a few days for vacation I just wanted something in the ground to disguise the overly pruned bushes.  We asked our neighbor to water them.  I have no clue what kind of water she used, but we needed a machete to get in the door.


I have constant bouquets in the house and you can’t even tell that I’ve cut some.  They survived the brutal heat of the last few weeks, without dropping a leaf.  The bees, butterflies and goldfinches love them.  I sat for twenty minutes watching a guy finch pull out petals  willy-nilly, eat the seeds and spit the rest away.  Typical man.  The girl finch was way neater and judicious about where she poked her beak.  Girls usually are.


Next year if you hear me yammering in Spring about wanting to plant something different out front, slap me.  With a bunch of zinnias!


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3 Responses to Zinnias

  1. gapwriter2014 says:

    Zinnias are wonderful! Great pictures. Love the American Goldfinch, too!

  2. Sue says:

    i love zinnias too. They give so much color and liven up any flower bed. I am not as successful as you are with yours. But I still plant them every year.

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