Pictures of Ruby

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Today I am grateful for some decent pictures of Ruby the rental grand-cat.  She has turned our house into her very own Ninja Warrior Course.


Doors we closed turn up open, often suddenly when she bursts through.  Climbing to the top of the TV unit is now a breeze.  Lunging to the dresser top of Himself was a challenge, but mostly she was ticked there was nowhere to lie down because of all of his stuff.  I don’t know how she does it but the long rug in the hall is askew every morning.


I’ve been trying to get some decent pictures of her but she always turns her backside to me when I’m petting her and that’s not exactly the angle I am looking for.  Today Himself nodded off in front of his computer and woke up with her staring at him from the keyboard.  After scaring the crap out of him she leaped to the top of the computer cabinet, which has more little stuff on it than his dresser.  She tip-toed through like Baryshnikov, not tipping one thing over.


Gotta love cats. . .and we are going to miss this one a lot.  Good thing she’s a grand-cat so we can visit her.  Will she remember us?  Huh!  Even if she does, she’d never let on that she does.  She’s a cat, therefore immune to the wishes of her “subjects”.   Us.

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