Conscious Decisions

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Today I am grateful for conscious decisions.  Before I went to Weight Watchers this morning I made the conscious decision to not turn the computer on until late in the afternoon.  I almost had the bends. . .at first.  Then it felt freeing.  Am I spending too much time horsing around on Facebook?  Probably.  Writing?  Never!


One of my dearest friends from Weight Watchers, who moved quite far away, came to our session today.  Wonderful!  We went out to breakfast after class and had waffles and bacon.  Hey, it’s Faturday so this is the day to go a little nuts.  I had such a great time catching up with her that the food was irrelevant.  Almost.  We go to Weight Watchers for a reason, you know.


After that great time I decided to see if a friend, who lives a block from the restaurant, was home.  Yesterday she finally got her new couch, with a funky pattern, and I was dying to see it and offer my stamp of approval, which I did, big time.  Now I need new furniture.  And money.  The subsequent conversation with her was every bit as stimulating and foolish as the one at breakfast.  Any day with a lot of chatting is a great day for me.


When I got home I put clean sheets on the bed and got to task in the kitchen, moving everything off the counters and wiping them down.  That doesn’t sound like a big deal but if those counters are 24 inches deep, the useable space came in at around 6 inches.  We grow clutter like others grow tomatoes.


There is a basket on one counter that holds our schedules, brochures for the train, concert flyers, tablets, etc.  I took a backhoe to it, filling an entire bag for recycling, filed the necessary stuff; threw out appointment cards from 2015 and early in 2016 respectively;  gave himself the birthday candles and big red nose that were supposed to be part of a magic trick, except he couldn’t find them; and drank the little bottle of Kahlua I didn’t know was there.  Nobody did. That’s why I drank it.  Himself will be none the wiser.  Faturday, remember!?


In the basket pile, which I seriously have cleaned several times since 2015, I found a piece of writing that a friend asked me to look over.  I don’t have a clue how long ago that was. Geeze.  I hope we’re still friends!  I stopped everything I was doing and edited it on the spot.  When I’m done posting I’m going to mea culpa myself into her good graces and try to find a time to give her my comments.  A shower, a load of wash and voila. . .5 p.m.!


Just look at all I have to show for my conscious decision to not turn the computer on until later.  It was refreshing, but I am glad to be back “home” at the keyboard.  Writing!


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