a bali beach

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today I am grateful for mini-head-vacations.  I went to water aerobics at an outdoor pool today.  What an absolutely glorious morning.  When it was over we had to exit the pool quickly because of the every half hour swim lessons for the little ones.


But I wasn’t ready to leave.  Oh I got out of the pool alright.  Then I chatted with a friend and her daughter for a while, thinking I should probably get going to do. . .whatever.  But instead I situated myself on a chaise lounge under the shade of a huge umbrella.


When I shut my eyes, the water in the kiddie pool rushing and trickling over its playful obstacles, sounded like the rushing waterfall at hotel pool in Bali, Indonesia where I once stayed.  On the light breeze, I could almost pick up a whiff of clove cigarettes, spicing up the warm summer air.  Is that wood-fired chicken sate and peanut sauce I smell on the street vendors cart?  Can the gado-gado be far behind?


The intensity of my mini-head-vacation felt so real that I jolted when I heard someone speaking English.  Wow.  I wonder where I’ll go tomorrow?

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One Response to Mini-Head-Vacations

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Let me know the next time you decide to TRAVEL – I’ll bring along the little umbrellas – for the libation(s)- OK???!!!!

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