Ruby, the Grand-cat

Himself brushing Ruby

This is her true color.

Ruby 020

Where’s. . . Ruby!

Ruby CU

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Today I am grateful for Ruby, our grand-cat who is staying with us for a few weeks, while her mom & dad and their baby vacation at the shore.  Although we have owned plenty of cats, we have never watched one before.  Mostly we get dogs, who never leave your side, beg by drooling on the rug when you’re eating and chase around all over the place like it’s their bound duty.  Not cats.


Himself spent half of her first day here, wandering through the house with a flashlight, looking for her.  Note:  You cannot find a cat if they do not want to be found.  Ever.  Get that?  Never, ever.  Still, like the great white hunter, he padded around poking that light under hutches and chairs and beds.  When he sat down she appeared like one of his magic tricks.  Game over.  So he brushed her and she sashayed her butt in front of him like a true slut.  I swear he brushed off enough fur to make two new cats.


Most cat people I know have great “trees” for them to climb in the house.  I felt bad that Ruby didn’t have anything like that here, until I watched her leap from the back of the chair to the top of the TV unit, then poke her head in every piece of pottery and float to the apex of the decorative chest, where she promptly curled up and had a nice long nap.  Gotta love cats.  Where there is a will there is a way.  And she’s been up there again and again so it wasn’t a fluke or terrible mistake.  Funny thing is they claim she’s clumsy.  Apparently not at Grandma’s.


As bad as Himself is with the flashlight, that’s me with the camera.  I took 56 pictures and got maybe 10 that were passable and 6 I felt were pretty good.  Most were a blur of gray.  It’s going to be a lot of fun to have Ruby around.  When we can find her!

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