Friends You Can Vacation With

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Today I am grateful for friends you can vacation with.  How many people can you really say that about?  Even with family members and/or friends you love dearly. . .who you’d take a bullet for. . . can wear thin after a few days.


Because we’re all different.  And we’re supposed to be.  Spouses know this so they can monitor and adjust. . .most of the time.  Friends aren’t under the same contract, so when you find a few that click, cherish them.


That’s what we had at the cabin.  Click.  Click.  Click.  Like the finely tuned cogs on a gear, it just worked.  They accepted my lessened energy from my medical ordeals, I accepted the non-stop three-times-a-day fishing marathon and the expected bitching about not catching anything except weeds and bad attitudes.


If I was being a neurotic bitch about the damned mosquitos (most of the time) they came to our place to play liars dice and drink Yuengling and Chivas Regal.  Gotta give ‘em something for their troubles!


If they didn’t want to haul the pails of Margarita’s to our place, we played at their place and I swatted my way home like a whirling dervish or, to the consternation of all of them, drove the car the embarrassingly short distance.


The point is, friends you can vacation with just “get it”.  And I am grateful!


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