Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today I am grateful to babysit.  When our son decided to do a mile and a half swim at a local lake (triathlon training) and his wife already had plans to be with friends, I was thrilled to be asked to babysit their 3 month old.


At 7 a.m.—not so much, but I was up at 6 preparing (my brain) for the onslaught.  I haven’t seen her in a month so it was fantastic to see how she’s grown.  What a cutie pie, with smiles that turn instantly into a pouty-sad face and me not knowing which was coming next. First the J!  Then the quivering lip and a full frown L.  But loving both equally.  Adorable!


I had no idea her older sister (17) was planning on driving over from Easton so I was caught off guard, for the second time, without her favorite snack on hand.  I am now on Grandma Probation and will be heading to the store soon to rectify the error of my ways.


Add to the mix a dear friend and a mini party was afoot.  I love them all so much and very grateful for each moment with them.

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One Response to Babysit

  1. Marge BOwman says:

    Tell her to make good choices. Ha Ha!

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