My Nieces. . .and Their Husbands

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Today I am grateful for my two nieces and the husbands who love them.  We do not have a very large family so it is always nice when a few of us can get together, like we did yesterday.


There is quite an age difference between these girls. . .and different birth fathers. . .and although they are very different, each is special in their own right.


The oldest, Jenny, although legally blind, is a fantastic artist and really thinks things through.  For her mom’s 35th anniversary, she discovered “jade” is the gift.  Who can afford jade?  No one.  So she got her a jade plant.  Very clever.


She is also an expert with animals.  That turned out to be a good thing when one of the cats burst through the door just as we were sitting down to dinner and someone asked what was in his mouth?  A bird.  Circle of Life, baby.  Not bad for a cat who rarely goes outside.


“Is it dead?” someone asked while the cat pranced around proudly displaying her catch.  “I got this,” Jenny said, picking the cat up and shaking the bird loose, it flying to the top of the hutch in a panic, then easily allowing itself to be shunted off to the screen porch, where it could catch its breath before being released outside.  Whew.  Crisis averted.  By Jenny.


My youngest niece, Molly, is also a fantastic artist, specializing in painting tall girls in glamorous dresses and crazy watercolor caricatures of bizarre  women.  I love them.  Even if they look evil.  Okay, especially if they look evil.  She is a wiz with graphic design and administers my blog page.  Although we didn’t get to hear her this time around, she also sings like a Broadway star.  Amazing young woman.


Watching them as they grew up, turning from kids into women has been great, but the best is watching how much their husbands love them, each in their own way.  I am grateful for the whole bunch.


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