Anti-Itch Stuff

a hungry mosquito

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today I am grateful for anti-itch stuff.  We got so many mosquito bites up Nort (not a typo) in Wisconsin that we look like we have measles!  Scratching is my new hobby and my hairbrush is my best friend/tool.  Yikes!


We JUST landed into civilization so don’t expect much from me for a few days.  FYI-While we were at the cabin on Wild Rice Lake, I never even took the computer out of the case.  Not once.  Not even to down load pictures or make notes.  It was a good thing and well-timed.  Until I started approaching WiFi and then my fingers started twitching, my eyes glazed over and I had the bends.


So. . .I’m baaack, sporadically for a few more days. . .but back!  Sorry, I gotta go scratch!   Even my hair itches!  Ah, the great outdoors!


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2 Responses to Anti-Itch Stuff

  1. Gail Priest says:

    It sounds like heaven being off the computer and other devices for a full week. Good for you.

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