Philadelphia Writer’s Conference

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Today I am grateful for the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference.  What an exciting, fun and professionally worthwhile weekend I had!  Thank you one and all.


I am as resistant to new technology as I am to jumping out of an airplane.  It’s just not my first, second or twenty-seventh language and it scares me to death.  Yet, because of one of the sessions at the conference, when I was posting my blog the next morning, I decided to check out what the presenter was talking about.


I signed up for Twitter!  Yes, I am tweeting!  And I ain’t talking about a Hitchcock movie!  I have leap-frogged into technology that will probably be obsolete by the time I shut down my computer.  Yay me!  I now have eleven followers.  Double yeah me!


All of this is necessary if you want to sell a book that you haven’t yet written.  I’m laying the groundwork for success that hasn’t presented itself.  I am cutting-edge without a scissors in my retired hairdressers hand.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.  Inspiration is like that and it only took a year to sink in.  I’m a little slow on the up-take.


Not only am I now Tweeting. . .well, signed up anyway. . .I also was honored to win two awards for my writing.  Many of you might already know this because my sister, who I called last night, threw it on line before I hung up the phone from telling her.  Go Judy!  I think I found my promoter!


I received 3rd place in Non-Fiction for “Remedial English”.  Many of you might remember my Memorial Day post on Romy Leicht.  I wrote this piece with Romy in mind, so I am very happy it got recognized.


Drummmmm Rolllllleee please!  I also won 1st place in Poetry for “Triangle Goodbye” a poem I wrote following an experience watching two young people at Victoria Station in London.  I love this poem so much that a friend and I made it into a short film, using family as the actors.  I rarely write poetry anymore, but maybe I’ll have to start up again.  Y’ think?


Thank you to all of my new and old friends who made this conference so fantastic, especially Gail, who insisted on getting a picture of me with Autumn photo bombing.  My chipmunk cheeks confirm I was a nut case with joy having won an award. . .and having 6, no, 7 followers on Twitter!  Wait! Wait!  I just checked and now I’m up to 13.  I am racing pell-mell into the cyber world.


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