Quick Thinkers

a hacker cartoon

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Today I am grateful for quick thinkers.  I HAVE BEEN HACKED!  On Facebook.  So if you get a friend request from me and we are already friends, delete it.  I’m not at all sure what that means, except someone “borrowed” my profile picture.  Really?  Who on this earth wants to be an old, spike-haired, chunky woman?  They have way more problems than me!


I am sure glad I logged on before shutting down for at least 16 hours while I attend the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference.  I wasn’t going to even check Facebook, because I’m so exhausted, but I figured I had to at least let my “public” know I wasn’t dead and just at a conference for a few days.  I am not sure at this point if I will post from there or not, so don’t send the police with a mirror to see if I’m breathing.


I have to admit, that an old personal tape played when I saw the first comments about me being hacked.  “You’ve been hacked” translated in my insecure, pea brain as “You are a hack!”  Whew.  Now I’m shutting down.  Before anyone else gets any ideas!  See you in a bit!  And thank you to those who contacted me so quickly.

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