Freckles on Task

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Today I am grateful for Freckles on task.  The latest rental dog has us covered.  We have never babysat for a dog that was as much of a shadow as this one.  Geeze!  You can’t move one inch without her following.  She hops out of the way quickly, so that’s good.


When Himself walks through the house she pokes the back of his legs with her toy, trying to nudge him into playing.  When we sit to watch TV at night, she systematically gathers all of her toys and drops them in front of him, even if he just got done playing with her for a half an hour.  Talk about a dog with a bone.


In the mornings I get up first, take her out to do her business and give her a treat, water, and/or feed her.  She will take a treat, but nothing else until he is up because apparently it’s her job to sit at the bedroom door and wait for him to rise.  Sometimes for hours.  The herder fretting over her flock.


She is the lickingest beast I’ve ever experienced.  You can barely pet her without her lapping at you like you were made of ice cream.  A long time ago, my mom made a statement after a friend showed her an “adult” film.  She said, “So much licking.  Is all that licking really necessary?”  I have used this line a lot in the past week.


Freckles lives in a house that has a very private, fenced back yard.  We live in a townhouse with lawn guys tending the property, the occasional walker passing by at the top of the berm and very bold squirrels.  Marauders!  She positions herself on the step of the sunroom and “grrrrrrsssss”.  Usually I see nothing.  I hear nothing. Except the guttural grrrrr.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a lawn guy appears and she barks like a lunatic and wonders why I am not alarmed by the marauder.


We are totally safe with Freckles on task.

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