Extra Room

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today I am grateful for an extra room.  Yes, the monsoons have ceased and desisted and today was a gorgeous day.  So guess what I did?


We started the day clearing out a couple of book shelves for the “new” old books we bought at the library book sale. . .which took hours, by the way.  I have decided that I get irritated by clutter.  Not dirt.  Apparently I can handle that just fine, evidenced by the dust on my sunroom chairs.  I’m talking clutter.  It makes me crazy.


So the shelves got cleaned and the “new” old books placed, and I was off to get a haircut.  My hairdresser was running a little bit late, which is not unusual and I don’t mind because short of the grocery line, it’s the only time I get to read trash magazines.  I learned a lot.


Then I started to cough.  And the staff started complaining of an odd smell.  When there was a cloud of smoke in the salon, I said, “Maybe we should step outside and someone should call the fire department,” recalling the electrical fire at the local high school just yesterday.  First they turned off the AC, which was being run for the first time this year.  Yup.  The culprit!


One truck, two trucks, three trucks, four trucks.  One cop, two cop, one chief, one air conditioner repair man.  The customers kept arriving and I started hawking free books from the back of my car and before you know it, there was a party, while we watched guys with axes and ladders do their thing.  We don’t need to make a calendar out of them.  Trust me.  Efficient.  But no calendar.


By the time we got back inside my hairdresser’s schedule was beyond backed-up so I suggested she look at the book and tell me when to come back.  So I left and came back later, knowing that this event was eating into my personal time, which is very important when you’re retired. Ha-ha.


It’s okay.  I spent enough time outside to read two chapters, nap, take some pictures, nap, read another chapter, drink (water), nap, listen to the birds, nap. . .that’s what the  extra room is for. . .and I love it!  So did Freckles!

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