Great Parties

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today I am grateful for great parties.  Especially when they celebrate 50 years of marriage!  What a wonderful time we had in Delaware!  But fifty years?  Wow.  That is a lot of time to be with one person. . .without one of them choking the life out of the other one over something stupid like hogging the remote control, or leaving the water running too long in the bathroom.  I’m impressed.


Sometimes I feel we should all haul out the old pictures. . .you know the ones. . .they are dog-eared or faded or impossible to get out of the album because of those little sticky corner pieces.  We can’t realize how far we’ve come unless we look back to where we came from.  That’s important.  Especially when caught up in life as it is when you’re older. . .when energy is less. . .and daily excitement rare.


We need to remember it wasn’t always that way.  We need to see the pics of us when we were kids, wearing our crinoline and bangs that someone (our moms) thought it was a great idea to cut short using scotch tape, making us look like eggs with toupee’s.


We need to see pics of our kids when they were babies and we were exhausted all the time, yet still had enough energy to party with a keg on someone’s porch.  We need to see ourselves in stupid costumes at that wonderful Halloween party we didn’t want to go to.


We need to witness the various horrible clothing and hairdos and blue mascara that defines who we are today. . .older. . .smarter. . .wiser. . .hopefully with better taste. . .and still able to appreciate a great party!

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