Accomplishing Something

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today I am grateful for accomplishing something.  I think the very, very worst part of being physically off your game is that you seem to do nothing worthwhile.  For many weeks just the act of getting up, getting dressed, getting breakfast did me in. If I took a shower, shaved the legs and did the hair. . . I’d be down for the count.


Yesterday, for some odd reason, was different.  I went to the aforementioned doctor’s appointments and everyone was on time. . .early even.  What?  I take crochet along so I won’t be tempted to pick up a germy-petrie-dish-magazine and at the first appointment I barely got two rows done before they called me in.


I am now allowed to exercise as long as I can still speak in a normal voice.  Yeah right.  When did I EVER speak in a normal voice?  Anyway, I did that last week already.  But no pool for at least another week or two because of the fear of infection.  I’m okay with that.  I don’t want infection either.   I don’t have to go back to see the surgeon for three months.  I’m glad.  We are the same age.  People were beginning to talk.


Then at the dermatologist I handed them the new insurance and Medicare card (obviously it’s been a while since I was there) and ba-da-bing—ba-da-boom, they were taking me in before I even had another row finished on the dish cloth.  Wow!  And in the examining room it was fast, too.  Zap-zap-a-little scrape ‘n carve and I was outta there.


I think that’s why I felt energized when I got home.  I went through three days of mail, sorting, filing and recycling.  Then I hauled stuff upstairs and sat and sorted three months of paid bills and other filing crap, while Himself played a game on the computer and watched a horrible old Tarzan movie.  (FYI  – Johnny Weismueller looks like a flabby weakling by todays half-naked-six-pack, Dancing-With-The-Stars standards.  Glad it happens to men, too!  Also FYI – Cheetah was a better actor.  Also – What exactly does Ungawa mean?  They seem to use it for everything from “I got a sliver in my ass” to “feed his miserable lying carcass to the damned lizards.)


Anyway, then I filed and filed and filed and still had energy, so I cleaned up the disgusting bathroom which only Himself uses and I rarely use.  For a reason.  Yuk.  I still hadn’t put the clean sheets on the guest room bed, from after our sons visit so I did that, too.


As long as I was upstairs I pulled out some Spring/Summer clothes in the hopes that eventually I will need them.  But probably not this week.  Maybe by July.  I hope.  Himself hauled the stuff downstairs and I sorted out some winter stuff to go back up, too.


Then I got tired.  Whew!  But I don’t even care about that because it felt so good to accomplish something.

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