Difficult Decisions

Toes & flowers

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today I am grateful for difficult decisions.  Boy I had a couple of doozies today.  Should I go and cheer for my friends in the Senior Games, or should I get a pedicure and sit on the patio and read?  I hope all of decisions in my life, and yours, are so demanding.


We have had nothing but gloomy rain and I am fed up with it.   So is Himself.  Yet today, when he was heading for his first time golfing this season, the weather was perfect, with sunshine a slight breeze and temperatures in the mid-seventies.  After stuffing him full of pancakes and bacon he was off in a slather of sunscreen and vibrating with excitement like a ten-year-old going to camp.


I had planned on going up to the YMCA to watch the Senior Games which were happening in the gym.  But it was such a beautiful day.  And my toes were ugly and it is still difficult to maneuver myself to fix them.  And I love getting pedicures.  And I have a book I’m in to.  And why would I want to sit in a smelly gym when I can park my pretty toes outside and listen to the birds and smell the newly mown lawn?


I wouldn’t.  So I didn’t.  Guess what difficult decision I made?  Then guess how many naps I had, too!  Ain’t life grand?


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