Silver Sneakers Exercise Class

a group of seniors kick-line

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Today I am grateful to be back at the Silver Sneakers exercise class.  Monday I about died.  I came home, ate lunch and crashed like my own demo-derby.  My poor muscles screamed all day yesterday, “What were you thinking?  You have been a sloth and now you want us to work?  I don’t think so.  Take that!”  Bam-bam-bam, I could feel the blood pounding through my body.


I slathered on a little Ben-Gay and today I went back to the class.  I was better.  It was a blast actually.  This class is a mix of people rehabbing a surgery or injury (like me), or just trying to maintain a lifestyle because they are 94 years old, or people who are starting to exercise after never doing it before, or people who just want to gab and be with fun people, along with a great instructor who plays music we know the words to.


When I went on Monday I told the instructor that it was my first time there after almost two months, so she would know why I might modify something and not be worried I would keel over.  She asked if the doctor said it was okay?  “Um?  Er. . .yeah, sure.” I stammered, feeling like my nose was growing longer.  Then today I realized the doctor said, “Activity (non-pool) as tolerated.”  I tolerated it, so my nose shrank again.  Good.  I don’t need a bigger honker than I already have.


Point is that I’ve always hated exercise.  Always.  Until I joined the YMCA and met a bunch of fun people.  Turns out I don’t hate if I’m not alone.  I like the group stuff.  And I like that a certain amount of talking stupid is also involved.  No problem for me there! Lots of us feel the same way, so one-liners are frequently the order of the day.  Today’s instructor teaches Zumba Gold, too, so there were some great dance moves incorporated along with stretchy-bands, balls and weights. . .and a chair to collapse in for some sets.  I loved it.


Today when I went to grab my elbow to stretch and my hand slipped off because of dewy body slime. . .(very sexy). . .then good. Better fitness is a bonus I’ll take, even if

I sweat like I stole something.   Then I’ll nap!


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