Gift of Time

Me and Alina, sitting up.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Today I am grateful for the gift of time.  This year for Mother’s Day our sons are into breakfasts.  We had a great time with one son and two granddaughters today and will spend tomorrow with the other son and his family and mother-in-law (and my good friend).  I miss them so much and can’t wait.


I know a lot of young adult kids are scrambling on line looking, at the last minute, to find just what mom wants for Mother’s Day.  That’s great. . .and to some mom’s the gift might be important.  But for me. . .I’ll take the “gift of time” any day.   Always.


Oh yeah!  Breakfast was great, too!

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One Response to Gift of Time

  1. Marge BOwman says:

    We get to spend some time with our son tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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