Triple Dipping

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Today I am grateful for triple dipping.  Not ice cream. . .movies.  Early this morning Himself and I decided that we could not sit here and look at another gray day, so we decided to use the movie passes given to us and see a few flicks.


Yes, we cheat and see more than one movie.  In the afternoon.  Us and about six other old geezers, all doing the same thing.  Since the first movie started at 12:30, I knew I’d need some lunch, so we stopped at WaWa for small sandwiches and the Junior Mints Himself can’t see a movie without.


I guess the Catholic boy never leaves him because he says to me, “There is a sign there that says, outside food is not allowed.”  Really?  Gee, I never saw that.  And I guess I must be the first person to ever bring something in.  “How will you hide it?”  Why do you think I brought the poncho?  Rookie.  I could bring three people in under this poncho.


Standing in line in front of us while getting tickets to “Eye in the Sky”, were a couple of moms and a bunch of kids.  One of the girls, who was about seven, looked 8 months pregnant. . .with candy. . .that kept dropping to the floor in its ziplock bag.  This to the consternation of her poor “cheating” mother, who proceeded to the concession stand and bought two tubs of popcorn and waters for everyone, which probably cost her car payment.  I don’t blame her for supplementing with filled baggies!


After “Eye in the Sky”, which was suspenseful and excellent, we were going to go to another movie, but it was an hour wait.  Himself suggested “Jungle Book”, which was also fantastic, but for completely different reasons.  We’ve never done three movies before because our bodies go numb. . .and they did today, too. . .but when I mentioned that we might as well sit in the movies as drive home during rush hour, he agreed to see “Mother’s Day”, which was a bit fluffy, but also good in its own way.


Each time we headed towards another theater, I caught Himself looking around like he was working for the KGB.  It’s a bloody movie!  They are going to run it anyway.  Us being in two of the seats is only going to up the audience to eight, so what’s the big deal?  I wasn’t raised Catholic so I marched in like I owned the place.


Relax. We bought popcorn and even a soda, too.  At least 15 bucks!  That’s my disclaimer. . .for our WaWa lunch, Junior Mints, two tubs of popcorn (free refills), a root beer that happened to be in my purse, a theater soda and three movies.  On a gloomy, rainy Thursday we had a lot to talk about on the drive home.  Nothing like triple dipping to make you feel like you won the lottery!

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