Breakfast for Dinner

a bacon & egg meal

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Today I am grateful for breakfast for dinner.  I took bacon out of the freezer today intending to make BLT’s for dinner.  I even mentioned this to Himself, who began an immediate and persistent lobby for eggs-over-easy instead.


I counterpointed with the fact that I have seen him eat literally two small bites of lettuce from my salad the other day and it was the first green he’s had since I had surgery over a month ago.  Turn my back for a minute. . .


Later in the afternoon, Himself rebutted with a confession that he had lettuce, a few pieces of tomato and some onion, along with some “awful” meatloaf,  at lunch with his old work cronies on Monday.  “You didn’t see it, but you can call them and ask them.”  Really?  Are we in elementary school here?  Apparently we are.


I learned to flip eggs when I was 17 and worked as a short-order cook and I love doing it.  So the big spoiled baby got his way. . .bacon, eggs-over-easy, white bread toast with butter, hot tea.  I had a Swiss cheese omelet and the rest.


Maybe tomorrow I’m make him eat asparagus.  Hahahahahaha!  Not going to happen, but I have to admit, there is nothing like breakfast for dinner.


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One Response to Breakfast for Dinner

  1. Judy Groeling says:

    Mary…….we have breakfast for dinner every Friday night. Love love love it. we’ve been doing it for about a year. Glad you like it too. And I’m also glad you’re feeling better. Come back to Weight Watchers soon. We all miss you.
    Your WW buddy
    Judy Groeling

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