The Twilight Zone

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Today I am grateful for The Twilight Zone.  Mostly because I think I’m living in it.  I’m expecting Rod Serling to pop up in the darkness of my sunroom window and say, “You are travelling into another dimension. . .next stop, the twilight zone.”  Or is it just the presidential election?


I am not a very political person. . .mostly because I believe in honor, truth, integrity, honor (I know I said it once, but it bears repeating), compassion, honesty, good character, the golden rule, blah, blah, blah.  Okay, probably some of the candidates have a few of these positive characteristics, but others must have been standing in the extra-bad-hair-line at the pearly gates when all of that positive stuff was handed out.  I know whereof I speak because I was in the extra-hips line.


I have been trying, really trying to understand what it appears so much of the people of my country want.  But it doesn’t even feel like we’re living in the same country and I’m just head-spinning confused.  Have we gone back fifty years?  Will the world start appearing back to black & white?   The Twilight Zone ran five years.  I feel like I’ve already lived five years of this mess and we’re not done, yet.


I like color.  All color.  I like differences. . .even the ones I don’t like so much.  I like freedom of speech. . .even when it means I have to suck-it-up sometimes and let people I perceive as idiots spout rhetoric that I 100% do not agree with.  It’s their right.  And then I can do the same.  Like now.


I live in a free country, yet I’m waiting for Rod Serling to step into focus with a closing line. “Couldn’t happen here, you say?  Probably not in most places.  But it can happen in. . .The Twilight Zone!”  It’s where I seem to be living.  Here comes the black & white! Yikes.

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