basket of yarn

Monday, May 02, 2016

Today I am grateful for yarn.  Not the yarn you tell, the yarn you crochet with.  If it wasn’t for the basket of yarn I purchased a few weeks ago, I think I might have lost my mind by feeling useless and unnecessary.  At least making my silly little dish cloths gave me purpose.


Productivity is important.  I believe it is what people in nursing homes ruminate about more than anything.  “I can’t see to knit. . .sew. . .draw.”  Or, “I miss having my own kitchen and baking.” Or, “I used to do woodworking and make toys, but my hands tremble too much now.”  Everyone, young or old, needs a sense of purpose. . .however small that purpose might seem.


This morning I got up early, made a banana bread, had breakfast, a shower and was out the door to meet my friends after the water aerobics class.  What a delight.  I’m a bit social.  Did you notice?  Unfortunately I have felt like a grounded teenager lately, with the same snappish attitude.   Himself has been great, but I need way more activity and people than I thought I did.


After the gab fest I ran to the CVS, got gas in the car, came home, had lunch, then crashed. . .with three other errands on the list to get done today.  They are pushed off to tomorrow. . .or the next day.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll yank a skein of yarn out of the basket and crochet another dish cloth to feel a little more useful. . .and necessary.  Yup, that’s a sense of purpose right from the chair.

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