Exceptional Nurses

a hug a nurse slogan.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Today I am grateful for exceptional nurses.  I have been grateful for nurses before, because there are some people, in some professions (like teaching) for which there is never enough gratitude.


If you’re paying attention you already know that I’ve been dealing with my own little medical nightmare.  It is mild compared to what many, many people are going through, so it’s embarrassing to even admit that it has taken a toll on my sunny disposition.  I have mentioned this to friends and they say, “But this is happening to you. . .and it’s been a long time. . .so you’re allowed.”  Permission!  I’ll take it!


All of the nurses I’ve encountered during this journey have been competent and great.  But some are simply exceptional.  One time in the hospital, fairly late at night when I couldn’t sleep, Sharon chatted with me for much longer than she had time for.  Nurses are busy and everything is on a time-line. . .yet she took the time.  And then I slept.


When you have had surgery and weird things happen. . .and you call the afterhours-on-call doctor. . .if there is any doubt as to what your issue is, they send you to the emergency room.  Swell.  I am now a frequent flyer there and embarrassed to know it.  But I don’t seem to have any issues at all during the doctor’s office hours, so there you have it.


Yesterday, when I wound up there yet again, and had sent Himself off to get breakfast,  I was sitting on the edge of the gurney, depositing what was left of the contents of my stomach into the sexy blue bag.  I wish I’d had one of these on a fishing boat on the Atlantic, but you can only include so much barf in one short story before you lose your audience.  Are you still there?


Anyway, I was in the throes of a full-blown, snotty, crying jag when an exceptional nurse, Jennifer, came in.  I was mortified.  That’s just not me and through my sobs I told her so.  That angel spent the next ten minutes talking me down.  “Honey, you’ve been through a lot lately,” she said, while rubbing my back and arm.  “That’s enough to get anyone down.  Don’t worry, we’re going to fix you up and this will all be over soon.”  Then she hugged me.  Not a wimpy, duty-hug, but a real, “I care so much” hug!


Before she went to get the meds that would stop the nausea she handed me the control and said, “If you need ANYTHING. . .even just to talk to someone. . .you call me!”  And I knew she meant it.  Yup!  There are not enough blogs in the world to honor exceptional nurses.  BING!  Heartprint!


(Oh!  Lest you are concerned. . .I am now fine. . .calling it a “plot twist” and moving on.)


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