Free Seminars

Friday, April 22, 2016

Today I am grateful for free seminars.  Ever since we got lured into attending a time-share seminar in Las Vegas a billion years ago, so we could get the tacky free clock with dice as numbers, I am pretty picky about what seminars I will attend.  Fool me once.


Then John and I were part of a series that is held for Active Older Adults at our YMCA, with me doing the China talk and him being Magic John and we weren’t boring.  Yesterday, as part of that series was a group called Senior Moves by Design.  They were going to help us downsize.  I asked if she could downsize my butt, but that’s not what it was about.  Rats!


They were great.  I’m a pretty good organizer (don’t look in my basement) and still feel proud of how great our closet looks after a recent cleaning, even though it took us years to get to it.  Even though I have a lot of “character” in my house, I don’t like clutter and junk everywhere.  Or anywhere.  It makes me nuts and I have that covered in other ways already.


That said, I still picked up some great pointers from these folks. Plus, I have a lot of friends who are planning a downsize within the next few years and their kids live too far away to be of much help.  I am encouraged to know that there are organizations like this one out there to assist.


They understand that when they walk in the door, and see what might look like a bunch of junk to them, those are the treasures of a lifetime to the person who lives there.  I believe that they would treat everyone with respect and concern and help them sort through it all in order to make a freeing move with less “stuff”.


We already downsized years ago. . .but still have a basement.  Yikes!  And although I’m also pretty good at figuring out what will fit where in a new and smaller space; and I know how to stage a place to sell; and I have already used every room to capacity. . .they will also help with those things, too.  Jobs like this look insurmountable to us. . .so we avoid doing them long past when we should.


But our houses won’t sell unless we clear them of clutter.  Our four bedroom home, which we insist on staying in, won’t serve us well with three extra bedrooms full of grown kids junk. . .when we’ve always wanted a sewing room or office.  The place we want to move to has two bedrooms and an open floor plan.  What will fit and what won’t?


If we have to suddenly move because of illness, someone else will make our decisions. Grandma’s treasured tea cups could all land in a dumpster because no one in our family knows how special it was to play tea party with her until her death at 98.  We could save at least one!


Although we’ve told our families to take their stuff and choose which of our treasures they might want a million times, they still haven’t picked anything up.  It’s been years.  We are not a storage unit! But they will still bitch when we trash it.  It’s nice to let them blame a company for the deadline and not take that hit yourself.  Sorry, kids!  It wasn’t me.


Those are some of the services available from Senior Moves by Design.  I had no idea such a reasonable, flexibly priced service existed.  I wish I had known when we were trying to move our mom from Arizona to Wisconsin.  It would have been worth the bucks to have someone carry even a portion of that burden.


I’m going to get to more of those free seminars.  Who knows how enlightened I’ll become.  We might all be grateful for that.  But first I have to clean those papers off the kitchen chair where I threw them two weeks ago.  Apparently pushed under the table is not put away.  See how trainable I am?

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One Response to Free Seminars

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Everyone, I know, has the excuse to NOT CLEAN UP the mess KNOWN as TREASURES….. Hopefully, someone else will do the HONORS!!! HAH!!! mab

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